MADX – Queen Of The Night : Fri 27th Oct.

Queen for The Night…

It’s halloween weekend !!
Dress up, eh?
…or just dress, eh?
‘cos if you don’t you might feel cold.

Let your Queen out for the night.

Fri 27th October
8pm to Midnight

The Imperial Pub
Downstairs, the back room.
54 Dundas St East

Show starts 8:30 – ish.
$5 at the “door”

Note: The “door” would like it to be known that they don’t mind too much if you use that label  but asks you that you do respect their right to self-identify as “curtain” and rarely if ever as “entry system”.

Stand-up | Sorytelling  | Song | Silliness | Stuff not beginning with S

The MADx Collective brings you…

[more details coming soon.. ]

MC Seema
Mistress of Ceremonies, MC Seema.

Seema is not a Princess.
She doesn’t need saving.
She is a Queen.
She’s got this shit handled.
The Queen 💎


Jason Finkelstein 
Jason only recently made his comedy debut. He likes to play the music when he’s not driving Senior Citizens to doctor’s appointments.
Now with 40 years of life experience under his belt he’s ready to share his unique take on stuff while standing up…




Jenny enjoys making people have litgasms with her writing and recommends psychic protection for safer exposure and will be telling a new story called: “Story”.







JULIE – She’s got nothing queeny or halloweeny but she is the queen of fucking everything. The.Juliest.1 will perform her original piece called ‘Collective Responsibility’ in response to the question: ‘what does decolonize your mind mean to you’?


Toshio works as a cog in a highly industrial machine.  He seeks respite and escape through the filling of an arcane notebook and the use of an old-fashioned font slate.  Once in a while he travels through portals and somehow finds his way back without anyone noticing.






WonderBloke n SuperDave
Aiming to be the best thing since sliced bread might not seem like setting the bar high but it can make for a life of some pretty good toast.

A wee glimpse on life viewed from inside the bread-bin, peering out through twin-lensed, white-sliced-bread-ness at a whole world of weird.


MADx is brought to you by…
MC Seema
and a whole bunch of other folks including you if you come….