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MADx by night – not afraid of the dark.

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MADx by Night : Friday 1st Feb 2019

Alive n Kicking

True for you stories from your life…
Of struggles, challenges you’ve faced – or chosen- and what you’ve learned along the way.
You can pitch your pitch to us by using the really simple form below.

If you have a story to tell…
about you, the challenges you’ve faced, the choices you made, the mistakes,
your fuck-ups, and your shit-bombs.
and especially the stuff you wouldn’t tell your mom,

and some of what you learned …
about life, the universe, and everything…
but mostly what you learned about
being you.

and how you are  learning to break free from the bullshit
of who or what others would have you be….

you want to share it in public
and especially if it’s your first time-
as short story, stand-up, song – or even as stuff
not beginning with S.

Then pitch us!
use this wee form to send us a few workds about who you are what you’d like to do on our stage.


we will contact you

MADx is about voice and MADx is a conversation
Come, add your voice to the conversation.

We aim to have many voices – performance slots will be 2 to  10 minutes 

Please note we cannot offer payment for performances.
This event is not funded, it’s a fundraiser –
we’re raising monet o any money to create MADx to a community non profit so we can apply for funding to grow, to run  workshops and just do more MADx stuff.

What we offer

What we aim to offer is a supportive, intimate atmosphere to share from our unique experiences of being alive as human, and do it in ways that might be difficult to do “out there”.

A big part of how that works is the performers and how they bring what they bring to our stage and whole events…

Here’s what we ask…

MADx  Guidelines for performers

We welcome performers who…

  • rebel against perceptions, stereotypes and small and fixed-mindedness.
  • push boundaries and are not afraid of the dark.
  • can speak to their own struggle living in this world, be who they are and who they need to be.
  • are finding their voice, choosing their words and naming their world on their terms.
  • speak their own truth without demeaning others not like them.
  • respect and uphold the rights of each of us to do likewise.
  • choose not to join that “chorus of someones who” love to tell others who to be and what to do and what to call themselves.
  • contribute to co-creating inclusive space in which we can all have a good time and include ourselves in the fun too ..
  • can rock their shit.

Especially, we value language that seeks to express human experience, rather than shut it down and limit,
withthat in mind we ask and encourage that

  • you choose not to use language that categorizes, stereotypes and disempowers, or diagnoses any of us.
  • you call yourself whatever you like, and refer to others by the most respectful name you can.

We prefer not to tell you or anyone else who to be, we do prefer non-diagnostic language – because of the power that language holds over us and the power it has to reduce the space for other language, to reduce the space in which we can express being human, and well, because it sucks like a big, sucky sucky-thing that sucks.

And if that’s a bit strange or new to you we’re happy to sit with you talk and help you figure out what that means for you, just contact us and let us know..

Send us your Pitch/ Submission

eg Storytelling, Stand-Up, Spoken Word, Song, Snake charming, Poetry, Dance

Please provide a descriptive outline of your performance you’d like to bring to MADx and how it fits with our theme
– usually three or four sentences will do it.