Call for pitches and submissions – MADx Fri 12th July 2017

MADx is about voice – we create performance-based spaces in which you can find and use yours and in we can witness each other doing that.

MADx events involve many voices and many ways of voicing


| Storytelling | Stand-Up | Sit Down | Song | Dance | Poetry |

Next MADx event is
Fri 12th May 2017.
8pm to Midnight
The Imperial Pub
Dundas Sq.

is always about this question:

Q. How do we free ourselves of others ideas of who or what they would have us be?

Each MADx event has a different topic, theme or focus.
This event will be brought to you my the letters W, T and F…

  • Whatever you want
  • Wildcard
  • WT…


Pitch us…

We are currently accepting submissions and pitches.

We welcome first-time performers…

MADx is grassroots, community organized space. We want everyone to feel they can join in the fun..

For More information about MADx
To send us your pitch                          







This event will seek to center experiences and voices and leadership of Indigenous Peoples and Peoples of Colour.

More to come, watch this space…

Please note we are currently making plans for this event to take place in Fall 2017

This event will aim to bring together experiences, voices and leadership of Indigenous Peoples and Peoples of Colour.
We are currently working on plans to make it happen in Fall 2017.

If you would like to play a part of making it happen please contact us at [@]



MADx – WTF !!! Fri 12 May 2017


Put it where you put your date stuff.
Or don’t, because you know,

We’re always looking out for new performers, new rebels – especially if it’s your first time.

So if you want to have a go then WTF, come have a go!

Pitch us here…
or if you have, like questions and stuff, contact us here…

Celebrate, Rebel, Perform – free yourself and shit like that , or just come and have a good time…

WTF, it’s Friday.

MADx – a bit mad and it has an x in it
– and it’s red, so….

There’s even a shirt, if you like shirts then get yours here…

MADx Tee $15

Support MADx and get your rebel shirt on..

Get your MADx tee.
Cool as f…
If you’re in Toronto it’s easy – you can come to a MADx event and get yours only $15
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How it works… you buy direct through our – shopfront BitMadTees when they have enough orders they print and ship your order.
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The shirts are high quality and come in any colour you like as long as it’s black… er, and a few other colours too.

The shirts ain’t super cheap  but they are high quality and cheaper than if we had to print, hold, store inventory and ship out ourselves.

Of the price you pay for one of our  shirts,  about $5 comes to us – and we put every rebel cent of that into the pot we’re saving up to incorporate as a non-profit – so we can do more MADx and more other cool stuff too.

rebel out.

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seven nights to UnValentine’s Rebellion

Ever been stuck in double-bind of choosing between V-love and F-love?

Well MADx is right there in solidarity with you – stuck between V-day and F-day
to bring you…

UnValentine’s Rebellion Friday 17th Feb

madx-fri17mar2017Come, let your love show…

MADx : It’s a bit MAD, and it has an x in it..

Rebel Performers– watch this space for who…

Stand-up | Spoken Word | Song | Rant

MADx by night UnValentine’s Rebellion – expect:

  • Masquerade: wear one – or don’t.
  • Masked masked ball – as in a ball with a mask.
  • Nonconformist Dancing til late.