NIGHTMARE Before… Fri 22nd Nov 2019

MADx presents the next…

MADx Presents…


[Whatever gives you “the willies…” ]

Fri 22 Nov 2019
9pm to 11pm ish

@ The Imperial Pub
Downstairs Bar
Room At The Back

Be there, eh?
-or be somewhere else..

What is MADx?

MADx is a performance night – all kinds of performance.

Stand-Up | Short Story | Song | Poetry | Stuff not beginning with S or P

MADx is about finding our voice, witnessing each other as we do-
and doing it in a generous way that doesn’t rely on using whatever power we have to put others down, or telling others who and how to be.

We welcome all performers, especially new and first-time performers..
We offer a kind and generous community audience.
[And a free MADx button.]

If you want to perform, drop us a line, either via the “Pitch us” page or email us via the contact page.

MADx: its a bit mad and it has an x in it.

Gert Big, Yuge thanks to Sammie and everyone at The Imperial Pub for their support, its a big part of what makes MADx work.



MADx is coming!! Fri 20th Sep 2019

Seven sleeps to next MADx
being brought to you by the letters…

see here ….


Meanwhile, here’s some of what you mised – or maybe you didn’t miss – last time…

Dave and the other one…

Lee Vee

Corrina and Pedro

George Z



‘im agin

CAKE- MADx Fri Sep 20th

Have your  cake and eat it
and leave it out in the rain.

Everything CAKE and not cake.

Next MADx

Fri 20th Sep 2019

The Imperial Pub

54 Dundas St E
Downstairs Bar
Room At The Back

2 blocks east of Dundas Sq.

Songs | Stand Up | Spoken Word | Poetry

…and even Stuff not beginning with S or P 

What is MADx?
Its a blast – with CAKE.

Why MADx?
Its a bit mad and it has an x in it.

Want to perform at MADx?
We always welcome new performers.
Drop us a line at Pitch Us…


Printable poster [pdf]
MADx C.A.K.E. 20th Sep2019 POSTER


A Midsummer MADx – Sat 8th June, 2019

Could well be more like mid rainthunder season but, hey!

Get your MADxness on, come out, and come to MidSummer MADx

9pm Saturday 8th June, 2019
The Imperial Pub

First time on a Saturday!
Same MADx
Same MADx Venue
Same MADx Time
Diferent MADx dayoftheweek.

We’ll have

MADx Performers

Poetry | Stand Up | Songs | Short Story | Rap

In whatever, whichsoever form you want to use your voice, you can bring it to MADx.

If you want to perform then you can – see the post Pitch us for more on…

  • What we look for
  • What we don’t want you to bring [basically, we don’t want you to use our stage to be a dick, that’s all].

Then drop us a line, and tell us what you want to do – and for how long.
Our slots are typically 2 min to 10min.

We are not an open mic event – you might get lucky but dont wait til you turn up.

We’ll also have…

Sneak preview of our NEW! MADx promo video for our future fund raising efforts in support of creating MADx as a community non-profit so we can apply for grants and grow – a bit, not too much.

And, we’ll also have

MADx.Swag for modest $$: Tees n Buttons
you can wear to show your and your MADx.ness.

MADx Lineup Fri 25th May

MADX LetsGO Crazy 25thMay2018MADx is coming!


Friday, May 25th
The Imperial Pub








Alex Arena
I have been singing since I was a child and composing music and writing for 6 years now. I love exploring many different themes, and usually sing about life, love, and bringing the awareness of stopping the emotional hurt from self-infliction or by others. I am always open collaborations, be it pop, EDM, acoustic or rock.


Corinna will be bringing some of her own songs to share with us.



Brings us readings from his unfolding story and couple of poems too.




Justin Zuccato
Surprise appearance by Justin who stormed it with some of his own songs and threw in a best-ever cover of the Undertones’ ‘Ever fallen in love…”

Cheers Justin, enjoy Toronno, eh?

Justin will also be playing at Basso Italian Restaurant on Queen East. Wed 30th from 8-10pm!

MADx House Band:  BULLx

Jer-x on drums and Jas-x on everything he can fit in the back of his car, bring us tunes, atmosphere and, perhaps, way too much gear for a small stage.






K&D – Dave and the human sidekick he calls “K”.

Let’s Go CRAZY – Fri 25th May 2018


Join us for our next MADx by night
Fri 25th May 2018 
Let’s go CRAZY

The Imperial Pub

8:30pm to whenever…


We always welcome and encourage new performers.
If you what to bring your voice and join our line up please pitch us…
– Click on the pitchfork to the right…


Get yours…
MADx Tees $15

Sizes: S, M, L, XL
Help us raise funds to incorporate as a community non-profit so we can do more cool stuff in the community.



MADx : Fri 23rd Feb 2018 | Breakups, Breakdowns, Breakthroughs – and Breakfasts

MADx Fri 23rd Feb 2019

– and BreakFasts?

From hard times to hard boiled eggs and everything in between.

Short Stories | Spoken Word | Song | Poetry

…and stuff that doesn’t begin with either S or P

Pitch Us
We always welcome new performers.
We especially welcome first-time performers
and more especially if you’re just finding your voice.
We offer Intimate, relaxed vibe with supportive crowd.

New for 20!7- MADx resident House Band !!

MADX – Queen Of The Night : Fri 27th Oct.

Queen for The Night…

It’s halloween weekend !!
Dress up, eh?
…or just dress, eh?
‘cos if you don’t you might feel cold.

Let your Queen out for the night.

Fri 27th October
8pm to Midnight

The Imperial Pub
Downstairs, the back room.
54 Dundas St East

Show starts 8:30 – ish.
$5 at the “door”

Note: The “door” would like it to be known that they don’t mind too much if you use that label  but asks you that you do respect their right to self-identify as “curtain” and rarely if ever as “entry system”.

Stand-up | Sorytelling  | Song | Silliness | Stuff not beginning with S

The MADx Collective brings you…

[more details coming soon.. ]

MC Seema
Mistress of Ceremonies, MC Seema.

Seema is not a Princess.
She doesn’t need saving.
She is a Queen.
She’s got this shit handled.
The Queen 💎


Jason Finkelstein 
Jason only recently made his comedy debut. He likes to play the music when he’s not driving Senior Citizens to doctor’s appointments.
Now with 40 years of life experience under his belt he’s ready to share his unique take on stuff while standing up…




Jenny enjoys making people have litgasms with her writing and recommends psychic protection for safer exposure and will be telling a new story called: “Story”.







JULIE – She’s got nothing queeny or halloweeny but she is the queen of fucking everything. The.Juliest.1 will perform her original piece called ‘Collective Responsibility’ in response to the question: ‘what does decolonize your mind mean to you’?


Toshio works as a cog in a highly industrial machine.  He seeks respite and escape through the filling of an arcane notebook and the use of an old-fashioned font slate.  Once in a while he travels through portals and somehow finds his way back without anyone noticing.






WonderBloke n SuperDave
Aiming to be the best thing since sliced bread might not seem like setting the bar high but it can make for a life of some pretty good toast.

A wee glimpse on life viewed from inside the bread-bin, peering out through twin-lensed, white-sliced-bread-ness at a whole world of weird.


MADx is brought to you by…
MC Seema
and a whole bunch of other folks including you if you come….


What does DECOLONIZEYOURMIND mean to me? Juliest : Collective Responsibility

Q. What does DECOLONIZEYOURMIND mean to you ?

Are you interested in hearing and listen to what others have to share ?

Join us for a conversation, in a circle…

Fri 13th October
@The 519

More info…