About MADx

MADx is about this question…

Q. What does it take to free ourselves of others’ ideas of who they would have us be?

MADx is about being human – and about the spirit it requires of us to be human in a world that sometimes seems designed to negate and crush that spirit.
MADx is about being real.
MADX is about performance based events in which we can come together use, our voice and witness each other, hear each other, connect.
MADx is about voice – we create performance-based spaces in which you can find and use yours and where we can witness each other doing that.
MADx events each have a different topic, theme or focus.
MADx is a grassroots, community organized space. We want everyone to feel they can join in the fun..


What we offer

We aim to create spaces in which we can be real, be seen, be heard, and be felt – and witness each other.

We aim to create spaces in which we can find and use our voice – with many voices and many ways of voicing.

We like to mix it up and our events have included…

Storytelling | Spoken Word | Song | Stand-Up | Poetry, Music, Dance

or whatever, however you bring yours…

First Time?
We welcome first-time and less experienced performers.
If you have questions or would like some support in bringing your ideas to our space let us know.

Two kinds of MADx event


MADx by night…

MADX by night is smaller, intimate event, in the room at the back, at The Imperial Pub in the heart of Toronto.

It’s on a Friday night and it’s a party- time to have some fun, hang and let it hang, blur the edges and be not afraid of the dark… and rated R.

MADx by day…

MADx by day is a bigger event,
In a bigger room, with bigger participation, a bigger audience, bigger conversation having a bigger, and more challenging theme.