MADx- Virtually MADx – Fri.26.Feb.2021

February BLAHS


= BIG SUCK eh?

Its 2021, it still sucks.

Stuck in the COVID-19 Grey Zone ? [ they keep making em up, eh?]

MADx brings you:

MADx: Virtually MADx

Fri. 26th February 2021

7pm tp 9pm

Online [Zoom] – so wherever you are.

Join us to perform, to share your thing, your way, or join us just for fun.


MADx is a performance-based get together where folks share their light however it shines…

Songs | Silliness | Standup |Short Story | Poem | Stuff not beginning with S or P

Whether you want to just join us, join in and or whether you have something to share …

Drop us a line at[dot]com and let us know… and we’ll send you the magic link so you can join us.

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