MADx: Party like its 2012. Fri 29.Jan.2021

Its 2021 – and so far its looking a lot like 2020.

The ###Ts are still ruling the world and plumbing new depths of incompetence and couldn’t-give a fuck-ery…

It sure is a right ol’ bunch of arse, eh?
Wotcha gonna do?

State of emergence-y or not we can still connect
MADx brings you

PDF poster here : MADx PARTy LIKE ITS 2021

MADx: Party like its 2021

Online [Zoom]

Join us to perform, share your thing
or join us just for fun.

MADx is a performance-based get together where folks share their light however it shines…



Songs | Silliness | Standup |Short Story | Poem | Stuff not beginning with S or P

Whether you want to just join us, join in and or whether you have something to share …
Drop us a line at[dot]com and let us know… 

and we’ll send you the magic link so you can join us.

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