MADx : F#CK YOU COVID – Fri 27th Nov 2020

MADx brings you 


Fri 27th Nov 2020
8pm to 10pm
[Tronno time]


Online, Everywhere,
wherever you are.



What is MADx ?

MADx is a celebration of our human spirit.
and what it takes to free ourselves of what or who others would have us be –
to connect and have some fun together too.

MADx is a performance based get together

If you want to perform, share your stuff:
Poetry | Short Story | Spoken Word | Songs | Stand Up | Stuff not beginning with ‘S’ or ‘P’

  • Some of our performers are old hands and Pros,
  • Most are not.
  • Many are finding the courage to stand or sit in the spotlight for the first time anywhere.
  • Maybe highlighting how we need to change, or you’ve changed…
  • Or maybe you want to highlight some things you like about the last few months or how its inviting us to reflect on fucking up the world and what you’re changing…
  • Maybe you wanna rail against the incompetence of our ‘glorious leaders,
    rant about COVID  hair,
  • Or maybe you just want to say “FUCK YOU COVID.”

Performance slots are typically ten mins.

We ask of you that you choose

  • not to stereotype and objectify or dehumanize others..
  • not to tell others who to be or what to do..that’s about it.

How You Can Join in…

If you want to perform, share some of your stuff…

  • Drop us a line at …
  • Tell us briefly what you’d like to do…
  • And. if you have links to you doing your stuff, go ahead include them.

If you want to just enjoy and join in the audience… 

  • Drop us a line at …


  • We’ll send you a zoom invite nearer the time.

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