MADx – WTF !? – The Lineup Fri 12th May 2017

Next MADx is this F-f-friday

MADx by night… 

Fri 12th May 2017

8pm to Midnight

The Room at The Back, downstairs @
The Imperial Pub
Dundas St E.
Space is “Access Possible”

MADx is about voice – we create performance-based spaces in which you can find and use yours and where we can witness each other doing that.

Each MADx event has a different topic, theme or focus.
This event will be brought to you by the letters W, T and F…

MADx is a grassroots, community organized space. We want everyone to feel they can join in the fun..


MADx lineup for Friday 12th May Includes…

MC Seema
Mistress of Ceremonies, MC Seema.

Mistress Seema likes to be pleased:
Happy Seema = Happy MADx.

Dan Rosen
Throughout high school and university, I tried every major form of religion I could find, but could never figure them out until, finally, after my search was long over, I found my answer in a handful of psilocybin mushrooms.

A storyteller-filmmaker-comedian and one half of the frenetic improv duo Flux In A Box, who have a Toronto Fringe show this July called Roommate Agreements at the Factory Theatre studio theatre.

I also host a monthly comedy show at Comedy Bar called Opening Act Dan Rosen.


Jenny is a hardworking, energetic, creative, philosophical, anarcha-feminist, queer, pagan, bohemian.

She has been living in Toronto since 2010 and organized Mad Pride from 2012-2015.



Ben B
A Romanian vampire once told Ben that there are too many books to read to even consider sleeping.

In daylight hours he sabotages his own vital role in the global financial system by writing short prose and reading leftist propaganda.

K for Kevin
Kevin always found it curious that people with x in their name seemed cool.
He doesn’t – so he isn’t.

Asante loves the mic and dreams of how, one day, the mic will love him too.

Asante also loves MADx – because he gets to hold the mic – and we love him too because he always finds a way to do the both the right thing and the other things he wants to do.


MADx is brought to you by…
MC Seema


imperial pubMany thanks to Sammy and all the staff at The Imperial Pub for having us and all you do to look after us.

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