MADx Tee $15

Support MADx and get your rebel shirt on..

Get your MADx tee.
Cool as f…
If you’re in Toronto it’s easy – you can come to a MADx event and get yours only $15
If you want it earlier then contact us – we may be able to get one to you.




If you’re not in Tronno you can still get a MADx tee, it works differently and, sadly, it does cost more… We do it through Teespring…

How it works… you buy direct through our – shopfront BitMadTees when they have enough orders they print and ship your order.
It runs in short batches, and recycles every three weeks. If there’s not enough orders to print by the “campaign end date” then you can get your money back or roll it over till they do have enough – your choice.

The shirts are high quality and come in any colour you like as long as it’s black… er, and a few other colours too.

The shirts ain’t super cheap  but they are high quality and cheaper than if we had to print, hold, store inventory and ship out ourselves.

Of the price you pay for one of our  shirts,  about $5 comes to us – and we put every rebel cent of that into the pot we’re saving up to incorporate as a non-profit – so we can do more MADx and more other cool stuff too.

rebel out.

Get yours now


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